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SummerWild Resources

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English 12 | Mr. Marthaller


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Novel Study: SummerWild




This is a list of readings to be completed in-class (either orally or during silent reading time) and/or assigned for homework. Discussions will happen on the dates listed beside each chapter, so be sure to complete the readings before this day:


  1. Preface - February 21
  2. Chapter 1 - February 22
  3. Chapter 2 - February 24
  4. Chapter 3 - February 27
  5. Chapter 4 - February 29
  6. Chapter 5 - March 2
  7. Chapter 6 - March 5
  8. Chapter 7 - March 7 
  9. Chapter 8 - March 9
  10. Chapter 9 - March 12
  11. Chapter 10 - March 14
  12. Chapter 11 - March 16
  13. Chapter 12 - March 19




Your mark for this unit will be based on a combination of student study guide questions, discussion posts, peer evaluations and either a term paper or a unit test.


Here is a general breakdown of the marks that each element is worth:


Student Study Guide:        30%

Peer Evaluations:             10%

Discussion Leader #1:      18%

Discussion Leader #2:      18%

Unit Test/Term Paper:      24%


This is a general scoring outline. The weighting, totals, and number of assignments may be changed.




Copies of all materials handed out in class are available in the folder in the classroom. To download a pdf version instead, click on the appropriate link for the handout you need.


  • Character Tracking Sheet (download)
  • Lit Cirlce Roles: Discussion Leader (download)
  • Lit Cirlce Roles: Word Wizard (download)
  • Lit Cirlce Roles: Character Expert (download)
  • Lit Cirlce Roles: Passage Picker (download)
  • Lit Cirlce Roles: Stagecrafter (download)


Suggested Further Readings


  • Who Has Seen the Wind? by W.O. Mitchell
  • All Quiet on the Western Front by Erich Maria Remarque (translations by Arthur Wesley Wheen and Brian Murdoch)
  • Three Day Road by Joseph Boyden
  • The Wars by Timothy Findley
  • The Invention of the World by Jack Hodgins
  • The Macken Charm by Jack Hodgins



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